What We Do

Creative Design, Digital Marketing and Branding

At me-Interactive we are the "think out of the box" players, and few mind-blowing brains are with me-I who can turn your thoughts into reality, also a very effective digital marketing and branding team is there always for you to create your brand, promote and market it on the internet to the right audience through the most relevant digital channels.

Digital Marketing

Consumers today are tired of seeing, hearing or reading advertisements that are continuously being fed to them in all forms of media. This constant, one-way bombardment renders their messages ineffective by immunizing consumers to the very information marketers are seeking to provide them with.

Today's consumers seek new experiences, interaction and the ability to participate in the marketing message; to own and create along with the brands and products they love.


With help of effective branding you can achieve your goals from small business to a well known leader in the industry. To achieve that leadership, you need to invest your time and effort into building your brand. Only those businesses which have branded themselves successfully were able to outlast its competition, if you are on this platform and thinking about making the mark of your brand in the competitive market, we are here to make it happen!

Usability, User Experience (UX) and User Interface Design (UID) Services

User Interface Design requires a systematic approach to the design process. You might have put a lot of effort in creating your website or application, but if the end-user feels that it is not easy to use or too cumbersome, all your efforts will go in vain.

Be it web-based, GUI, or a mobile application, me-Interactive can assist your company in making your interfaces simple and elegant. These interfaces are quick to learn and simple to use and boost user productivity, and they are a pleasure to use too. We particularly specialize in website design where our experts use a systematic technique for designing your websites for maximum effectiveness, easy navigation and satisfied user experience.

Your website is your calling card!

What impression is it making on your customers?

Can they even find you on the Web, and when they do locate you, do they know what you sell and how to interact with you? Chances are you've heard about the next generation of website development. Web 2.0, digital marketing, social networking, blogging, wikis, viral marketing, and search engine optimization are more than just buzz words. Combined with strong web and content strategies, they can make a world of difference to your online presence, lift brand awareness, and help increase customer loyalty.

Me-Interactive provides professional website design, development and maintenance services across the globe and specialized in developing micro sites to multi-functional web portals. We have large pool of resources and the required technical and business expertise to deliver the web projects of any complexity. With latest technologies and industry requirements we provide complete end to end solutions to our customers.

Website and Application Design


Website and Application Development

Open Source Development

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a term that describes the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Youtube and others.

SEO/SEM and Analytics

100% Top Ranking Guarantee

What is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique which optimizes your website and makes it come up at the top in the search results of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why do I have to implement SEO?

Today where the majority of the world is conducting business online, it is essential for organizations to be on the top of the search results when prospective Clients are searching for related products or services. SEO drives and draws highly targeted visitors to your website for them to know about your products or services. SO, STRIKE OUT RICH IN SEARCH RESULTS BY HAVING YOUR WEBSITE OPTIMIZED.

Our SEO Services

We provide exclusive services on SEO/SEM which helps your business to float in the direction of success and bring in more organic traffic to your website.

SEO/SMO Services includes

onpage optimization offpage optimization

Our SEO Approach

Our SEO expert team will review your website, an initial audit report of your website or portal would be generated and guide you in a very systematic way to get the desired search engine results. We provide you a free SEO report which makes a better understanding of your current rankings.

SEO Packages

Benefits of SEO

Mobile App Development

Me-interactive has rich and years of experience in Mobile App development. We develop mobile App services for all the major mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, J2ME and windows Mobile. If you have any thoughts/ideas on mobile application and want to convert your visualization into a mobile app, then you have come to the right place; our team is graced with technically high qualified developers and architects who will co ordinate with you, analyze your requirement, share their expertise and knowledge and will help in bringing life to your ideas.

Mobile Services

Skills Overview

Mobile Skills Overview

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Interactive Media

At me-Interactive we are always a step ahead of the rest, offering the best possible experience for users. Using disciplines and technologies like AR (augment reality), Touch adaptation and completely adapted to the industry standards.

We are well seasoned in the following services:

Why me - i

These are the key factors for considering me-interactive as your technology partner.

Our Experience set us apart

Yes, there's a method behind the madness. And a very sophisticated one at that. We can help you with:

Marketing Strategy

Develop tactics that integrate with all your marketing efforts so you get a holistic, seamless campaign that supports your brand and business.

Inspired Ad Creative

Make the most of your customer's interactive experience – online, in-store, and out-of-home – wherever they interact with your brand.

Use fresh, eye-catching creative to create two-way communication with your target audience to draw attention and get results.

Media Planning and Buying

Our planners and buyers put your message out to the right audience, in the right locations (online, in store, and/or out-of-home) and at the right time – our experience and reach makes it work.

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